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File:10 Fire Nation Rebirth.pngFile:10 New Earth Kingdom.pngFile:10 Omashu Conquers.png
File:10 Omashu Independence.png.pngFile:117 NorthTemple.jpgFile:11 Earth Kingdom Expansion.png
File:11 Haami Conquers.pngFile:11 United Republic Takeover.pngFile:11 Water Tribe Break-Up.png.png
File:12 Earth Conquers.pngFile:12 Eastern Air Temple Secesion.png.pngFile:12 The New Water Tribe.png
File:12 United Republic Conquest.pngFile:13 Hami Sultanate.png.pngFile:13 South Conquers.png
File:13 United Republic Conquest.pngFile:13 Water and Earth Expansion.pngFile:14 Earth and Water Expansion.png
File:14 Haami Conquers.pngFile:14 United Republic Conquest.pngFile:14 WhaleTail Empire.png.png
File:15 Fire Fusang.pngFile:15 Fire Nation Rebirth.png.pngFile:15 Near Complete Expansion.png
File:15 United Republic Conquest.pngFile:16 Fire Nation Conquers.pngFile:16 Hami Expansion.png.png
File:16 Revenge.pngFile:16 Unification.pngFile:17 Eastern Kingdoms Form.png
File:17 Haami Conquers.pngFile:17 Independence and Revenge.pngFile:17 Southern Take-Over.png
File:18 Eastern Kingdoms Unite.pngFile:18 Independence.pngFile:18 More Expansion.png
File:18 Northern Take-Over.pngFile:19 Earth Independence and Revenge.pngFile:19 Independence.png
File:19 New Chin Empire+Air Nomad Break-Up.pngFile:19 Water Expansion.pngFile:1 Four Nomad Territories.png
File:200px-AirNomadsEmblem.pngFile:20 Air Nomad Re- Unification.pngFile:20 Omashu Claim.png
File:20 Over Colonization.pngFile:20 Yangchen Powerful.pngFile:21 Eastern Air Temple.png .png
File:21 Overall Expansion.pngFile:21 Si Wong Claim.pngFile:21 Yangchen Powerful.png
File:22 Si Wong Expansion.pngFile:22 Southern Conquered.pngFile:22 Unification.png
File:22 Water Tribe Re-Unification.png .pngFile:23 Eastern and Whale Tail Unify.png .pngFile:23 More Expansion.png
File:23 Unification.pngFile:23 Weakness Found.pngFile:24 Fire Nation Rebirth.png .png
File:24 Fusang Lost.pngFile:24 Justice.pngFile:24 Outer Ring.png
File:25 Earth Falling.pngFile:25 Hami Sultanate Joins.png.pngFile:25 WJustice Again.png
File:26 Empire Again.pngFile:26 New Chin Empire Joins.png.pngFile:26 Sacrifice.png
File:27 Earth Expansion.pngFile:27 Omashu Joins.png.pngFile:27 Sun Warrior Treaty.png
File:28 Outer Ring Joins.png.pngFile:28 Treaty of the North.pngFile:29 Independence.png
File:29 Inner Ring Joins Earth Kingdom.pngFile:2 During Series.pngFile:2 Foggy Swamp Tribe.png
File:2 Great Western Air Temple.pngFile:2 Southern No-Want-War.pngFile:300px-FireNationMap.jpg
File:30 Earth Prevails.pngFile:30 International Rebirth.pngFile:31 Avatar Nation.png
File:31 Fire Prevails.pngFile:32 Earth Expansion.pngFile:32 Fusang Re-Discovered.png
File:33 Fusang Eastern Water Tribe.png.pngFile:33 Present and Peace.pngFile:34 Northern Air Temple Re-Founded.png.png
File:3 Fire Nation Colonies.pngFile:3 Haami No-Want-War.pngFile:3 Western Water Tribe.png
File:4 Conquer.pngFile:4 Earth Reborn.pngFile:4 The Phoenix Kingdom.png
File:4 United Republic of Nations.pngFile:5 Independence.pngFile:5 Northern Air Temple.png
File:5 Revenge.pngFile:5 The Principality of Azulon.pngFile:6 Foggy Swamp Tribe.png
File:6 Foggy Swamp Tribe Claim.pngFile:6 Revenge Again.pngFile:6 Water Tribe Conquered.png
File:7 Anti Bender Nation.pngFile:7 Independence.pngFile:7 Seperatism.png
File:7 Sun Warrior Empire.pngFile:7 United Republic Lost.png.pngFile:7 continents.png
File:8 Air Nomad Claims.pngFile:8 Air Nomad Conquers.pngFile:8 Azulon Expansion.png
File:8 Northern Air Temple Treaty.png.pngFile:8 United.pngFile:9 Earth Kingdom Reclaim.png
File:9 Fusang Discovered.png.pngFile:9 Justice.pngFile:9 Lava Nation.png
File:9 Omashu Independence.pngFile:AirTempleFireNation.pngFile:AirTemples.png
File:Air BendingFile:Air Nomad Flag East.pngFile:Air nomad flag.png
File:Air nomads.pngFile:Airbending emblem.pngFile:Avatar Animated Planet by Vanja1995.gif
File:Avatar RP wiki Logo.png.pngFile:Avatar Roleplay Wiki Logo.pngFile:Avatar World.png
File:Avatar line-up.pngFile:Avatarmag1 scan30.jpgFile:Earth Bending
File:Earth Kingdom Future.pngFile:Earth flag 2.pngFile:Earth kingdom.png
File:Earthbending emblem.pngFile:Eastern Air Temple.pngFile:Eastern Dominion Flag 2.jpg
File:Energy Nation.pngFile:Energy duchy.pngFile:Example.jpg
File:Favicon.icoFile:FireNation.pngFile:Fire Bending
File:Fire Empire.pngFile:Fire nation.pngFile:Firebending emblem.png
File:Forum new.gifFile:Fusang Basic.pngFile:Fusang Basic2.png
File:Ht map locations.pngFile:MOVIE Northern Air Temple.pngFile:Omashu Flag.png
File:Pixel Avatar Map by ykansaki.pngFile:Revolt.pngFile:Si Wong Flag.png
File:Slider 1.png.pngFile:Slider 2.jpgFile:Slider 3.png.png
File:Slider 4.jpgFile:Southern Air Temple outlook.pngFile:Southern flag.png
File:The last airbender movie map.pngFile:WaterTribes.pngFile:Water Bending
File:Water tribe.pngFile:Waterbending emblem.pngFile:WesternAirTemple.jpg
File:Whale Tail Empire Flag.pngFile:Wiki-backgroundFile:Wiki-wordmark.png

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