The Fire Nation

The Fire Nation is country located on the Volcanic Archipelago of the Fire Nation. It has a royal family that rules. At the present time, Fire Lord Zuko has stepped down as Fire Lord, and has become ambassador.


During 0 ASC (After Sozin's Comet) to 100 ASC, the Fire Nation committed war on the rest of the world, starting the Hundred Year War. In 100 ASC, when Sozin's comet came the second time, Fire Lord Ozai became the Phoenix King, using the power of the Comet. Avatar Aang used his Energybending to take away Ozai's powers, taking him off of the Fire Nation throne. Prince Zuko became Fire Lord; after him and Avatar Aang created the United Republic of Nations, Zuko became ambassador for the Fire Nation. He is now serving in that position.


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The Fire Nation is located on the west side of the world, beside the Great West Ocean. It has many volcanoes, and many small islands on the east side. The capital is located in the center of the nation, on an island.



Fire nation
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The military is made up of large battalions, made up of regular foot soldiers, Captains, Commanders, and Generals.


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The navy is made up of armored ships, airships, and various royalty ships.


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The type of government in the Fire Nation is a monarchy, the Fire Lord being the supreme ruler. The next inline is the oldest prince, the next oldest, etc.

Notable FiguresEdit

  • Avatar Roku
  • Fire Lord Sozin
  • Fire Lord Azulon
  • Fire Lord Ozai
  • Pricess Ursa
  • Prince/Fire Lord Zuko
  • Pricess Azula
  • General Iroh